What means GR and PR?

The Great Route paths (GR) and Small Route paths are a signposted footpaths net, consisting of paths, routes, lanes, tracks etc. which are linked up to each other.


The GRs run along great routes of hundreds, even thousands miles, they link distantpoints and travel across counties, regions, and countries far away between them.

The PR have  shorter itineraries which show an specific environment or lead to a town, shelter, or to an interesting place.


Frequently it is possible to combine GR and /or PR, this way you can take an itinerary departing from a town and coming back to it.


In our case, the PR often crosses with the GR – 86  “Sendero Ibérico Soriano” and its link roads GR 86.1 and GR 86.2: This is an itinerary of 317 Miles which runs across the “Sistema Ibérico Soriano” along the outline of the county of Soria, departing from The Moncayo mountain to the Pela Mountain Range. The “Pinares – El Valle” region is crossed by nine of it stages between the Almarza and Casarejos towns.

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