Natural spaces. Natural spaces of Sierra (range) de la Demanda, Urbión (with the Sierra Cebollera), the Sierra of Cabrejas and the head of the Cañón del Río Lobos are located inside this district. The whole district was proclaimed Area of Special Fowl Protection, Place of Community Interest and is included within the N.U. Nature 2000 Net. We stand out clearly as areas of valuable interest: upper ends of the Duero, Arlanza, Revinuesa and Razón, lagoons of Neila, the Laguna Negra (Black Lagoon) in Vinuesa, the reservoir of the Cuerda del Pozo, the estate forest of pinus uncinata of the Laguna Verde (the Green Lagoon) in the Sierra del Castillo of Vinuesa, Sierra de Cebollera with its glacier lagoon, Valle de la Razón with the plantation of beech trees of the Sierra del Portillo of Pinochos, the plantation of holly trees of Garagüeta in Gallinero (Almarza) and the Natural Monument of the Fuentona and the clump of savins of the Sierra de Cabrejas. asopiva

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