Crafts. The manufacturing of artisan objects has suffered an important decrease in this district during the last decades, although they still are some valuable assets besides many cabinetmakers and carpenters who carry out artisan works by assignment.

Among the assets we will point out wood toys production in Quintanar de La Sierra, stonework, sizing stone and forge of iron in Covaleda, imitation jewelry in Vinuesa and sizing wood and artisan furniture pieces by assignment in Sotillo del Rincón.

If we include in this section artisan elaboration of food, we will find perfect pearls, as honey made from biércol in Sotillo Rincón, artisan sausages in El Valle, sheep cheese in Almarza, black truffles and fungus and mushrooms conserves in Abejar and Navaleno, "foi-grass", patés and products derived from the duck in Abejar and pastry, sobadillos, threads and artisan bakers of Pinares and El Valle.

Special attention deserves the home made elaboration of sausages in the whole district, taking profit of the exceptional climate to cure sausage, as well as cured meat, especially in the area of pine groves of Burgos.

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