Fiestas y tradiciones. The "Mays". The "pingada" of the "May" is one of the most characteristic ritual in spring; its origin is not quite clear, as it is associated both to the prehistory or the religiosity of the Celtics, but it has anyway survived since then to nowadays in almost all the towns of this district.

"La Barrosa" (The Muddy) of Abejar. It takes place every Tuesday during the feasts of Carnival and its origin may be related with the Calendas bulls simulation of IVth and Vth Centuries, and with the "taurobolio" (sacrifice of bulls), as an initiation rite.

The "Paloteo" of San Leonardo. In Las Candelas and San Blas, "sticks" and "covers" strike one to another in Celtic dances born from warrior shades.

The Paloteo of Casarejos. San Idelfonso, on January the 23th.

The Pinochada of Vinuesa. Declared of Tourist Interest, August the 16th. According to a traditional explanation, such day commemorates the quarrel between Vinuesa and its neighbour Covaleda once upon a time to keep either the Virgin of the Pine or the same pine grove. The Virgin wan thanks to the help women.

The pilgrimages. We stand out clearly the one of Nuestra Señora of Revenga (Our Lady of Revenga), which takes place on the last Sundays of May, the one of La Virgen de Santos Nuevos (the Virgin of New Saints), on the first Sundays of July in Almarza, and the one of La Virgen del Castillo (the Virgin of the Castle), on the second Sundays of July in El Rollo.

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