The district of Pinares el Valle. The District of Pinares and El Valle extends itself round about the Mountains of Neila, La Demanda, Urbión and Cebollera, within the Iberian System between the countries of Burgos and Soria.

All the space enclosed is furrowed by the "Father Duero", the river, which has its source from this earth within the Picks of Urbión, and grew at its very beginning thanks to the water crossing places as emblematic and poetic as La Laguna Negra (the Black Lagoon) or El Valle del Razón (the Valley of Reason).

It is an area of natural beauty, which shelters groves, beech trees, clumps of savins, rivers, grasslands and meadows, dominating a great sea of wild pines and snowed summits full of black and icy lagoons.

Its altitude, between 1.000 and 2.300 meters at the summit, as well as its special situation, propitiate a climate of warm and dry summers with pleasant temperatures, radiant springs and autumns of spectacular colour and mythological wealth; winters there invite to take walks, enjoy snowy sports and allow poets to get inspired.

Eighteen thousand inhabitants live in the District, grouped in 32 municipalities, characterised by being a permanent example of popular architecture: natural stone and wood of the near mounts conform a constructive line starting at big gangways, inheritance of migration, and cabin of cartwrights, and ended by big chimneys belonging to pines.

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