Asopiva. Asopiva is an association of civil character and without spirit of lucre with the partners that conform it the association independent own personality is formed by several types of partners: City councils, Organizations, Institutions, and Entities without spirit of lucre, Particular Partners and Protective Partners. This participation variety supposes a high installation degree in the area with the agents' participation so much economic as social and municipal is on the side the development and attainment of the planed objectives.

The character of the association allows the entrance in the same one as partner, Institutions or Entities of all type that you/they request it. Their performance environment is the natural district of pinegroves and the valley of the counties of Soria and Burgos.

The district of Pinegroves and The Valley is located in the Iberian System around the Mountains of Neila, Urbión and Cebollera. The geographical space that embraces understands thirty two municipal terms located in the northwest of the county of Soria and in the east of Burgos, being located in the south slope of the mentioned mountains.

The surface has 32 municipal terms 1.588,2 Km2 supposes, which are characterized to be located in its entirety over the 1.000 mts of altitude, reaching respectively in its points higher picks of Urbión and Cebollera the 2.228 and 2.142 mts.

The district of Pinegroves and The Valley, integrate two natural spaces of special interest, included in the Net of Natural Spaces of Castilla y León: the Natural Space of the "Sierra de la Demanda" (their oriental half) and the Natural Space of the "Sierra de Urbión" (almost in their entirety).

This space is furrowed by the river Duero that being born in the Picks of Urbión, it crosses the district installing in her its first reservoir.

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